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Viking OBT

Online Flight, Hotel Accommodation, Rent a Car and Corporate Travel Policy Management.

Travel Policy Management

Travel Approval Mechanism

Before ticketing process, following the approval or informing process in accordance with the company policy and hierarchy at the management level.

Traveller Profiles

Traveller profiles are created and automatic transmission to the GDS system. Automatic transfer of traveller preferences and necessary information for third parties to the booking system.

Advanced Reporting

Breakdown of reports according to Entity / Department / Person / Cost Center / Project / Product / Travel category / Travel Reason.

Payment System

Payments can be made via credit card or open account.


Cost Center

Diffrent policies according to Department, cost center, management level / person.

Personal Policy

Flight / hotel search results to be implemented for the person and, if desired, to be able to make a non-policy service purchase with a reason code.

Airline / Hotel

Different policies according to airline, flight class, hotel category.

District / City

Different policies according to region / city.


Policy according to the number of days before the departure date of the trip will be booked.


Different policies according to limits determined by Hotel Accommodation /Airline ticket amounts

Service Fees

To be able to define different service prices for region, city, non-domestic, airline and flying class levels. Different service charges can be defined for different services

Special Rates and Preferences

The preferred service provider / carrier is marked on the search results, non preffered airlines not shown on the search results. Display of special price agreements between airlines / company

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