Domestic Incentive & Dealer Trips

Domestic Incentive & Dealer Trips

All corporate events such as incentive, sales performance, cycle, incentive and dealer meetings are provided to corporations to best reflect the message and goals for the selected activity.

Domestic Incentive & Dealer Trips

The successful organizations carried out in every part of Turkey with an experienced and knowledgeable staff has contributed to the position of Viking Tourism as leading solution partner who breaks new grounds, provides service for major companies in incentives and their trips to dealers.

We are ready to provide services for you no matter what your goal is; in other words, you may introduce a power plant on the top of a mountain, hold conference in a five star hotel in the middle of the city, arrange a picnic for your employees to entertain them with their families, or demand simultaneous translation in any language you want.

Our priority is going beyond the expectations of our  guests in terms of quality of service, applying the specified quality standards as well as ensuring a stable quality and service to go further in improvement.

We offer all the facilities of technology with experience and infrastructure investments and come up with the most appropriate program for our corporate clients.

Our creative approach to client needs during these trips are results of our young and dynamic team and our never changing priority: client satisfaction.


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