International Concerts, Sports Events & Press Trips

International Concerts, Sports Events & Press Trips

We offer both you and your guests the opportunity to take part in organizations that will mark the history and feel the comfort of being local in the country visited for press trips.

International Concerts, Sports Events & Press Trips

Concert Events

Viking Tourism offers the advantages to feel  as a local wherever you travel.

Going to a concert, theater or festival you are guaranteed with comfort of being seated to your chair as if you attend an event in your own neighborhood. We are at your service from the first moment you leave home until you return. Your flight ticket accomadation concert tickets, transfers and if you wish city tours are all arranges.

Wheather you are the organizer or the attendee: independat of the activity type you are attending we have understood and planned perfectly. Its your mission to enjoy.

Sport Organizations

Are the Olympics coming up? Or is there a football match to mark the history? Maybe, you have a tennis tournament on the agenda or world's most famous sailors are about to unfurl the sails. Everyone dreams about taking part in worldwide famous sport events.

Our aim is to provide all necessary services to turn our clients dream in to reality.

Does your company sponsor a team? Or would you like to applaud Turkey National Team with your franchisees and employees? Since you are already abroad, would you like to do a magnificent sightseeing? Ticket reservations are made, tours are organized. Not to mention a few surprises. Do not bother with them, but remember to send postcards to your friends and families.

Press Trips

We realise the importance of press trips for our clients. We start with offering most appopriate alternatives for the trip that best fits the message and the profile of press member. Transportation, accomodation and activities for press members are detailed in close connection with the client. We are with you with our strong partnership network and global experince on all matters you want to share with your press member guests.



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