Product Launches, Openings, Events & Fair Services

Product Launches

The first impression created at the time of its launch usually creates the best image and introduces it with the correct target group. Therefore a well-planned product launch is essentially important, it creates an echo, attracts attention. Your advertisement stars with the word of mouth thru live lawyers of your product. Strong launches leads the stars of the market

Our experienced employees with the strength of international partnerships turns your launches in to effective marketing tools.

Openings - Events

With a global travel management company you may enjoy openings and invitation parties away from your country as comfortable as you are home with the image you want to reflect.  As a result of close cooperation with you corporate communications department these activities are conducted in the best way through smart tactics.

Trade Fairs

In today’s environment although the market definition is very complex there are still phisical market halls that products come together for a show. That’s why fairs are important points where you company can develop a variety of relationships regardless of the distance covered throughout the year and develop relationships with the rest of the market.

In a nutshell, if your company have a lot to say directly to your target market; lets take you to the best place in Agora which are international trade fairs and let us make you feel at home anywhere you are:


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