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Visa Application Information

Comprehensive visa content is provided regarding basic information for requirements for Turkish citizens travelling abroad which is strictly updated with most accurate information. However, due to spontaneous and frequent changes on the visa application processes in Turkey, we also keep in contact with the relevant consulates or embassies.

Points to Consider in Visa Application

  • Visa applications rules and regulations are announced by Consulate Generals, Embassies or Consulates in Turkey.
  • In application, there should be an empty visa page in a valid passport.
  • Passports should be signed by the applicant and be valid for at least another six mounts.
  • Visa Application Form of the relevant country should be completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Please remember that the authorities will make sure whether the signature on the Visa Application Form matches with the one on the passport.
  • Recently taken photograph of the applicant is a must and some countries require certain photographic dimensions.
  • Visa processing duration may vary from consulate to consulate and also the time of time of application such as New Year, holidays etc.
  • Viking Turizm collects and compiles publicly available information from the various embassies and consulates to the best of its abilities, making every effort to ensure the correctness of the information and by updating it as frequently as possible.
  • Although we strive to provide accurate information, this is by no means an "official" site and we do not and will not accept responsibility for out-of-date or incorrect information. The information provided is not directly supplied or updated by any embassy or consulate, hence no embassy or consulate can be held responsible.
  • Users are welcome to access information and visa application forms with the clear understanding that neither Viking Tourism, nor the embassies or the consulates can be held responsible for any incorrect, missing or out-of-date information.
  • Embassies and consulates reserve the right to revise and change their visa requirements and procedures as they see necessary, without prior notice. Viking Turizm is not responsible for any changes made to visa procedures or requirements as determined by the embassies and consulates.
  • Last, but not least, Viking Turizm can not in any way be held responsible for the acceptance or refusal of a visa application based on the information contained in this section.
  • Please help us by sending e-mail to to notify us of any corrections that you would like us to make on your country's visa information. Thank you!

To Obtain a Passport:

E-passports with international standards have come into use since June 1, 2011 in Turkey. E-passport applications can be conducted through police headquarters in 110 districts in 81 provinces and the relevant embassies abroad. In short, you can apply for an e-passport by contacting a passport office in person and taking a queue number or you can get an appointment through call centers or before requesting an appointment, we recommend you to carefully review all the detailed explanations about the application process and prepare all the required documents in advance.

Passport Fees

  • 6 Month 1.639,30 TL
  • 1 Year 2.396,60 TL
  • 2 Years 3.912,60 TL
  • 3 Years 5.558,30 TL
  • 4-10 Years 7.833,00 TL
  • Passport Book Fee 790 TL

Note: Each person is separately charged for passport applications, even if both are included in the same passport with the exception of children registered as under 7 years. Extensions are also subject to same principle of charges

Departure Tax

According to The Council of Ministers, Turkish Citizens who depart from the country with the Republic of Turkey Passport are supposed to pay 150 TL fee per departure. Accordingly, people exempt from this charge are as follows:

  • Those with valid residence permit beginning with the departure date
  • Those under the age of 7
  • The crew of the land, sea, air and rail public transportation vehicles with a commercial purpose

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