Travel Technology Solutions

Travel Technology Solutions

Based on our open book transparent client relationship model financial and operational online reporting provided to corporate clients on our secure website.

Travel Technology Solutions

Online Data & Reports

You can easily reach current accounts of your corporation and travel reports just by signing  in with your personalized secure password at our back office with any Manuel intervention.

Has "Finance and Reporting" click drawn your attention on our website? This click leads you to your corporate online reporting available in below templates between any time period and the curry of your choice.

  • Airline tickets report
  • Top destinations report
  • Flight class report
  • Who is where
  • Current account inventory
  • Invoice reports

Transparency is the approach while carrying out local and international legal formalities. Our private and general audit is done by PWC and can be shared with corporate clients.


Extranet is the online travel portal specific to your corporation with the logo, colors and corporate identity. Are you ready to carry out the corporate travel requirements such as domestic and international airline tickets as well as hotel reservations through ways other than traditional phone methods? Viking Extranet is an advanced program to enable you to carry out all the operations done by Viking Tourism staff. Would you think it is easier to experience the convenience of internet speed and comfort via extranet system rather than operating on phone? Moreover, the system has much more to offer you! The opportunity to report all the operations enables you to measure the service quality. In addition, you can be informed about the passenger profile management and corporate travel policy.


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