Privacy Policy

At Viking Turizm, your privacy is our key commitment. We respect your privacy andguarantee that information gathered from you when you visit our site will be keptstrictly confidential, whether you make a purchase from our site or not. With thiscommitment of confidentiality, we ask you to provide us the following information:

Information requested for membership:

1. Your name
2. Your e-mail address: We need your e-mail address to send youconfirmation of on-line bookings and to confirm your registration as a member. Asa member, unless you tell us not to, we will periodically send you e-mail newslettersto inform you of new features and special offers. If you do not wish to receivethese newsletters, you can tell us to stop the mailing and we will stop immediately.We are not in the business of sending unwanted newsletters.
3. Your phone number: Our Call Center will use your contact phonenumber only if there is an urgent matter to be resolved. For example, if there isa cancellation or change in any of the flights you have booked or if there is aproblem with a delivery address such that our couriers are unable to deliver a ticket.
4. Credit Card Information (this is only required when making apurchase): Your credit card information is never entered into or kept in our database.All credit card information is tryanferred real-time using a Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption directly to Garanti Bank's VPOS.
5. Travel Profile Information is requested as optional and consistsof

a. Your preferred airlines.
b. Your most frequently visited destinationsand
c. Your Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) memberships.

If you choose to provide this information, we can negotiate with airlines and hotelchains to bring to you customized special offers and promotions that best meet yourtravel needs.

In addition to the SSL encryption, your membership information and your travel profileinformation is also under the protection of your personal password. While we donot keep any credit card information on our database, we protect the personal informationand travel profile entrusted in our care by using the latest firewall technology,both hardware and software.

Please feel free to contact our Call Center for any security or privacy relatedissues or questions you may have.


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