Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management

We have expertise at Corporate Travel Management in Turkey and global experience. Our client profile is made up off small, medium and large-scale institutions, many of them being a part of multinational corporations. Corporate Travel Management includes reporting, decreasing your travel costs as well as increasing your measurable service quality.

  • Client management consultancy. We are experts on every detail of the travel phenomenon, thus we are the first to provide support in the process of creating your travel policy.
  • Online reports: Financial commercial and operation details of the services provided to your company along with security related reports showing who is where for a given date are provided. The content provided in online reports is as follows:
  • Destination of the flight and ticket costs
  • Tax amount including VAT
  • Preferred airlines
  • Cost saving reports
  • Travel policy adherence reports
  • Reissue and refund reports
  • Our experienced IT department can produce customized solutions on corporates online travel needs.
  • Call centers provide emergency call lines to customers in any part of the world.
  • Visa coordination service provides information to our customers about visa requirements, coordination of visa applications on possible embassies and consulates as well as personal accompany.
  • Viking Turizm provides advantages for worldwide hotels prices. Your reservations are conducted with the advantage of global prices specific to your institution.

Event and Meeting Management (MICE)

With our years of experience and vast knowledge and strong partnership in the world we are at your services for all individual and group meetings. Regardless of the size and the number of participants, we organize and carry out the activities you would like to attend or organize in Turkey or abroad. Our primary focus is client satisfaction

Incentive Trips

If the target is Taking a step to increase the performance graphs, loyalty and knowledge of your employees, and most importantly present this step as a reward; the best choice to achieve this goal is undoubtedly trough incentive trips. Just choose any point and determine the concept. Then, let us manage all the details such as cultural tours, entertainment, budget, profile and preferred timing.

Dealer Trips

It requires a great effort to improve the coordination by combining all the components of your corporation. It is remarkably difficult to direct a great number of people who have probably never seen each other to a common goal. Furthermore, the meeting should respond all the requirements in both making people connected with special bonds and enjoying themselves. At this point, our unique perspective stands out. With offering creative solutions for pre-trip operations and joint decision of location and budget with the client. Followed by delivering our commitments to the guests to visit the world's most interesting places. Furthermore, our clients may review the productivity and results by our advanced reporting system data.

Congress and Fair Services

Regardless of the industry of your core business, you May chose to attend Numerous congress and fairs at many locations throughout the world. Whether your employees or your guests you can leave theses on us. Starting from registration, following with all necessary travel coordination and social aspects.

Product Launches

Strong strategic business partnership approach with our clients is the key to successful product launches. Our expertise comes from a good brief with the client and following it up as it’s our own business. All we need is to collectively decide on a place and date that will best accommodate the purpose. Details such as decoration, catering, visual and artistic concept are main contributors for best results.

Other Corporate Services

Reservation Services

Being an A Class IATA Travel Agency in Turkey gives us the capability to provide all domestic and international ticketing needs of our clients. Headquarters located in the heart of the city in Taksim and strong network in capital city Ankara, Turkey’s industrial center Adana and Aegean representation in Izmir are supported by seamless services from Istanbul Atatürk Airport Branch offices. Domestic Hotel reservations, domestic car rental services are also available.

Visa Coordination Services

Experienced visa department employees provide visa coordination services to enable your trips abroad. Our detailed web site has full content of procedures of consulates and required documents. Extreme importance is given to the confidentiality and security of the documents we handle on your behalf.

24-Hour Assistance

Our client needs are supported 7/24 both by our assistance line and help desk regarding their travel needs. 24 hour assistance becomes extremely important especially in un expected weather changes, airlines/ airport strikes, etc.

Implant Offices

Implant offices can be implemented within client premises for large travel volume purchasing. Implant services may create custom made travel policy enhancements for larger corporations.


Local Services Administration

Incoming and Domestic Reservation Services

Experiencing new things in a new country may be both enjoyable and challenging both for business and leisure purposes. With nearly 30 years of experience we offer well studied professional yet tailor made programs for individuals or groups visiting Turkey.

Under all circumstances, we are determined to turn your experience into unforgettable memories in line with the purpose of the trip. Cultural tours to Turkey’s important key attractions are also amongst our competitive services.

It is up to you to attend one of the organized tours or just spend every moment on enjoying the unique beauty of Turkey when you have leisure time after your business meetings on your own.

Furthermore, boat trips, blue voyages, Istanbul and Bosphorus Tours are waiting for you to discover.


Meeting and transferring you and your guests from or to any point in or out of Turkey is one of our strengths. Depending on your needs a brief panoramic tour can be offered on the way in your choice of comfort and size such as in a luxury sedan or minibus, bus.


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