Hotels with Special Prices

Best Price Guarantee in Hotel Reservations

We desire you pay the lowest possible price for your hotel. After making your reservation if you find a lower price on another Internet site on the same conditions of the room you booked, we will equalize our price to that. In such a case, call us within 24 hours after making reservations, and provide sufficient information on the other Internet site.

Smart accesses hints during seach in the destination location box:

You can search by hotel name
• swissotel the bosphorus (reaches only swissotel the bosphorus)
• maritim (reaches maritim hotels worldwide)
• chain: nh (reaches only hotels connected to the NH hotel chain)

You can search for airport hotels
• airport: ataturk (reaches only hotels near Atatürk Airport)
• airport: LHR (reaches only Heathrow hotels)

You can search for hotels in a region
• Tuscany (reaches only hotels located in Tuscany)
• Topkapi (reaches only Topkapi district hotels)

You can search for a hotel according to the center of interest
• landmark: disneyland (reaches Disneyland hotels)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can book a reservation?
If you have a valid credit card to book your own reservation.

On which languages the hotel reservations can be made?
Turkish and English. In general, all information is given in English but some hotels may give information in their own language.

Which information is necessary during making a reservation?
• credit card type (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, and JCB) + card number + card holder's name and last name, expiration date, triple code
• e-mail address
Credit card information is requested ONLY to be used under the TERMS of CENCELLATION declared during booking the reservation.

Is there a service fee?
No. There is no service fee charge.

How I will pay the hotel?
Payment will be made during check-out and an invoice will be given. You can pay cash or any credit card, including the same credit card of which you have given information during reservation.

What are the terms of cancellation,  Do I have any responsibility?
In general, up to 1 day before the day of entry into the hotel, cancellation of reservations are permitted without any charge. However,  during some intense periods these conditions may differ. Therefore you sholu read the terms of cancellation carefully.  The cancellation terms and conditions will be given during confirmation of your reservation online or by e-mail. In case you do not comply with the terms of cancellation, a no-show fee will be charged to the credit card you have given during reservation.

Which documents are provided for confirmed bookings?
The necessary information related with your hotel reservations, will be ready to print on the screen,  also an e-mail is to be sent automatically.

Can I cancel or change dates of a reservation I have made?
You can cancel your reservation (please see cancellation terms) or make changes by following the link on the confirmation page. Your cancellation request will be held on-line and confirmation of  cancellation will be sent to your e-mail address. Requests of reservation changes will be processed manually, and will be replied within 1-2 business days. If remaining time for check-in is less than that, you can reach the hotel directly to make the change.

What is included in the price shown on the screen?
The price you see on the screen is a total covering all of the total duration of stay (how many nights you stay), including tax, except breakfast. More information is given during the room selection.

Can I get a map showing the location of the hotel?
Map of  hotel's location and information to reach the hotel, are shown on the confirmation page or the link in the e-mail.

What is the legal responsibility of Viking Turizm
Viking is the distributor of founder of this system, /
Applicable law, liability, compensation, and notice is subject to agreement between Viking Tourism and

Where should I forward my complaints?
Complaints should be made in writing to:


  1. Hotel prices can change frequently therefore you should contact us immediately via e-mail to You should contact us within 24 hours after you reserve your room thru Viking Turizm / E-mail should contain the following information: your name, Viking Turizm / reservation number and the adres of the web site who offers a lower price. E-mails with missing or wrong information will be ignored.
  2. Warranty does not apply to same day reservations.
  3. Warranty is valid only if the low price is available for booking on the Internet. Viking Turizm / will check and should verify that the lower price was available for booking on the Internet during the 24-hour period. Screen shots will not considered as evidence.
  4. The lower price available on the Internet, should be for a room with equivalent standarts as the room offered by Viking Turizm / through, within the same check-in and check-out dates and booking conditions.
  5. Lower prices should be in the same currency.
  6. Viking Turizm / will pay back the difference between the lower price and the price offered under the condition that the booking on Viking Turizm / is completed.  If reservations have been canceled or not used by the client, there will be no pay back.
  7. In case of your request does not comply with our terms and conditions of lowest price warranty,  our booking conditions and cancellation terms will continue to be valid.
  8. "Lowest price guarantee" will not cover, Special membership prices, frequest  accommodation programs, loyalty points or other programs in "rewards" categories of the hotel where the room is reserved.  Also the "lowest price guarantee" will not cover non-transparent or 'select your own price' campaigns.



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